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As a Christian Fiction Writer, I read books by other authors but I have recently found myself mesmerized by Novels based on Biblical Characters and Stories.

I have explored Books by Stephanie Landsem, Mesu Andrews and Tessa Afshar and they either leave me shedding tears or groaning in prayers that I just cannot be an entertaining writer.

As I read each line, I can tell that these writers must have sat with the word of God and digged deep because it is only by the help of the Holy Spirit and divine revelation can one write stories based on Bible Characters and everything is still aligned with the scriptures.

No unnecessary modern day slang or material is included. Everything aligns with their time and season.

You travel through the streets of Corinth, wonder at the City of Athens, get to have a glimpse at the Garden of Gethsemane, explore the acts of the Apostles, visualize Stephen been the first Matyr and lots more.

They even add somethings many of us read in the Bible and don’t take note. Days ago, I had to check the book of Acts to confirm something Tessa mentioned and I saw it there.

These stories don’t in any way replace the scriptures yet doesn’t add or subtract to the scripture.

These are clean stories that you don’t finish reading and have to wonder if your imagination has been defiled by a part of the story or not.

You just find yourself in the mind of Bible Characters.

This is a challenge to we Christian Fiction Writers. It is high time we start receiving inspiration in the midst of being buried deep in the Scriptures.

It is time we let the Holy Spirit paint images and scenarios in our head as we groan on our knees.

It is time people pick Christian Novels because they seek solutions and directions not because they want to let time pass.

Discover the Office God wants you to operate in as the Scribe that you are, because you are Yahweh’s Hand.

Read books of authors better than you so you will also be able to improve on yourself.

I am not saying you should now start writing stories based on Bible Characters and I don’t say I will focus on that, i am challenging us to yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit as only then will we be who God wants us to be.

Each Author have their own uniqueness and writing style so read books to improve yourself.

I have a lot of books by Christian Fiction Writers and I have studied them so well that I can tell you what they believe and stand for even as Christians and their writing expertise.

Francine Rivers was the one that stirred up my Passion for Christian Fiction Writing. Her writings reassures one of God’s unchanging love. Redeeming Love is a good example.

I also love Karen Kingsbury and i have a lot of her books. I respect her because her Characters do not live compromised lives as Christians which is also a message on its own.

Mary Connealy, Julie Klassen, Deeanne Gist, Warren, Cathy Bryant, Melanie Dickerson, to mention but a few are all authors I have read some of their books.

Everyone of them have their unique way of writing but their style aren’t exactly like the style of the authors I mentioned at the beginning of this write-up. Stephanie, Mesu and Tessa have a unique way they go around writing stories based on Bible Characters. I know there are other authors that write along that line too but I have not come across their works.

The truth is many of us are scared of writing fictions based on Bible Characters lest we write errors or something not true. If you are looking to explore something related to Bible Characters, then you should try reading their works and learn from them.

Whatever style you choose and whatever aspect you feel God is calling you into, work on been an excellent Scribe so that God will be glorified through you.

God definitely speaks to his children through stories penned by men surrendered to God. Without your knowledge, you could even pen down someone’s experience and proffer solution.

Additionally, there are non-christians who find it easy to read Christian Stories but not the Bible. Through these they will be able to see Christ and his love in the Characters and they will be ministered to.

Conclusively, you are a Scribe, a hand in God’s Hand so be the best in what you do.

Don’t settle for less.


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