Written by Glorie Adepoju

“Ta-da!” he said revealing a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Iniobong was speechless.

If he saw the bouquet lying beside her, he didn’t show it.

They had small talk and then sat in silence.

“So what is it you want to tell me?”

He sighed.

“Nini, you are a special woman, back then and even now. God knew you are the kind of woman I need in my life, and he put you in my heart. Though I didn’t get take action then, foolish of me.”

“Overseas, I suddenly began to think about you a lot and I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else but you. I want to chase ten thousands with you, I want to raze the kingdom of darkness together with you as my purpose partner. I want to be the one for you. Forgive my lame proposal, but I should have done this back then. Please marry me, and make me the happiest man on earth Nini.” he said his heart in his eyes.

Iniobong felt a tug at her heart


“You can take your time to give me an answer.”

She nodded,

“We should get going, it is getting late” he said and they both set off.


“What is happening sweet spirit?”

“It all seems so confusing. One thing, the garden is visible to both men. Another thing, they both proposed to me right there in the garden. Those were the criteria, right? Both of them met the criteria of the covenant, but only one man was promised, but which of them?”

Iniobong wondered as she strolled towards her farm, to resume the work for the day.

Elliot is a man I respect greatly, he fits perfectly into my ministerial destiny.

It should be Elliot, the first man to see the garden.

But the garden is also visible to Michael
Could it be Michael?

Michael is a very dear friend and I know I wish for more.

I am probably just flattered that Michael is interested in me.

I mean, men of Michael’s status do not end up marrying a simple farmer right?

Moreover, he doesn’t even have any prominent ministry, though I know very well that he is a seasoned born again Christian,

He supports and understands my ministry but is that enough to fit into my ministerial destiny?

“What do I do? I need help Holyspirit”


The Holyspirit whispered.

The clause! The clause of the covenant

She had included a clause in the covenant and had forgotten all about it

Thank you Sweet spirit,
She said inwardly

She had brought the small notepad, where she usually documents the details of her covenants with God. Fortunately, she brought it with her.

She reached for it in her back pocket.

She opened it to read through the covenant again, and paid close attention to the clause.

Her own part of the covenant was that she would only marry the man that God asked her to wait for, to be able to identify him, she added a clause to the covenant. Which was that, apart from the fact that the invisible garden being visible to him, the man must be the first to propose to her in this garden. He must get all three. That way she would know He is the One that was promised.

And it dawned on her.

The first.

The first one to propose to me in the garden,

All the others proposed to me outside the garden, except the two of them

Elliot was the first man to see the garden but Only one man got all three criteria of the clause, and he didn’t even know it.

“Michael?” she asked as she stopped in her tracks.

“You mean the dashing, and wealthy businessman is the one with the special grace for my ministry?”

But sweet spirit he doesn’t look it
Will he be able to…?



She felt the soft rebuke in those words

I am sorry Sweet spirit, I guess I have let my flesh lead me in the wrong direction.

I will trust you sweet spirit, I will trust that you have chosen the best for me.

I have kept him waiting for an answer long enough.

I need to see him now.

She turned around immediately,


Elliot was surprised to see her, he welcomed her in, she began talking the moment they settled in his living room.

“Elliot, you are absolutely amazing. You are an anointed man of God, deep and full of love for God, you are a good man, you have most of the qualities that I want in a man but that doesn’t make you the one for me. You are a man I greatly respect and admire, but my answer is no, I cannot marry you.”

“Why? Nini, don’t say that. You and I are meant to be.”

“I thought so too because apparently you fit perfectly into my destiny, and that thought has blinded me from seeing that I need to let go of my own ideas of who the one for me should look like.”

“Nini I know what I saw Nini, I was the one who didn’t get the message God was passing across to me back then.”

“Elliot, if you are going to be very honest with me, think back to the last time my image flashed before you as you prayed for a life partner.”

Elliot paused, and swallowed hard.

“It’s been…Nini, it doesn’t matter that it’s been a long while since then.”

“Then you are still not getting the message God is passing across to you now. God has someone special for you Elliot, maybe that woman used to be me, but not anymore.”

“Nini, you are the best woman for me.”

“Maybe you’ve met her, or are yet to meet her, but you need to let go of your idea of what the best should be, so that you can see God’s will for you. Sometimes our idea of the best, might blind us to see God’s best, because many times God’s best may look nothing like what we expect.” She said with a sad smile.

“I am sorry” she said.

She wasted no time as she rushed to Michael’s place.

The clause!

It had been Michael all along.

I was blinded by my own idea of what is best for me, that I didn’t see what was happening right in front of me.

God promised me a man that has been gifted with special grace help my ministry thrive.

God promised me a man that will stand by me, a man whom we will grow together.

And so,

A man like Michael didn’t fit into my idea of the kind of such a man.

Yet No one prays with me about my ministrations like him.

The business world is his mission field.

But because he did not have a pulpit ministry or a thriving music ministry I disqualified him.

Oh God forgive me, I almost lost a pearl.

“Michael!” She screamed as she pushed his gate open.

Panting heavily, she tried to catch her breath,

“Have you been running? Are you okay?” He asked as he stepped out, a worried look on his face.

“Yes! My answer is yes!”
He stared at her blankly for a split second, then as it dawned on him, his face slowly broke into an incredible smile that filled his entire face and made her knees go weak.

“You will marry me? I want to hear you say it again” He said, standing directly in front of her, his heart in his eyes.

I never envisioned that God’s will can make my heart flutter like this.

“You are the one that was promised, the one I have been waiting for. Yes of course, I will marry you.” She said with a smile.

“I have always wanted to do this” He said as he unexpectedly lifted her like a feather and whirled her round, “Michael!” She screamed and laughed in delight,

“I am most the favoured man alive!” he announced, shouting for joy



“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths” (PROVERBS 3:5-6)


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