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As if on cue to the sound of the piano, the usher standing in front of the Church beckoned her on. Dupe chuckled as her father’s right hand found hers. She was about to say Yes to the Love of her life.

She and her Dad walked in with synchronized steps and even though her face was covered with the veil, Dupe could make out Anthony’s Silhouette as he waited at the altar.

She smiled as she remembered how with great excitement she had resumed her new job 2 years ago. Somehow, she knew there was something special about Anthony but she just didn’t know what exactly. They maintained a professional relationship until about 5 months later Anthony made a Surprise visit to her church and said he came to see her Pastor. Little did she know that she was the subject of their discussion.
That day, as she saw him walked up to her after the service, she knew without no shadow of doubt that she loved him.

A week later, he had made his intentions known and to maintain a sexually pure courtship, he had insisted on giving her another duty that wouldn’t entail them going for meetings together especially outside their station. It had not been easy but here they were, exchanging vows and beginning forever.

The end of the hymnal brought Dupe back to the present as she realized she was now staring into her Groom’s eye.

Everyone else disappeared as she watched him move closer to her to lift her veil.

Her stomach stared in excitement as Anthony lifted up the veil that covered her face. She heard him gasp in delight and could have sworn that his eyes glistened in pleasure.

“I love you.” He mouthed to her and she blushed.

Soon it was time to exchange their vows. Both of them had written their vows individually and made sure to know it by heart.

Anthony started first; “I, Anthony today in front of God and the Church take you Dupe to be my lawful wedded wife. The very first day you walked into my office, I knew I had found whom God promised me. As you defended your faith and refused to compromise, I knew I was already magnetized by you and you weren’t going anywhere.” The audience chuckled.

“Dupe, God helping me, I promise to love you with everything that I have and I am.”

“I will keep you safe as I would keep myself safe. I will provide all you will need. I will be your lover, your friend, and your companion.”

“I trust God to help me not to be the one who will make you cry but be the one who will dry your tears. I will your man and you will be my woman.”

Her heart jumped in excitement at his words. His Woman.

“You will always be my desire and my treasure.
Your bosom will I forever cherish and i will never push you away for any reason. Through thick and thin, I will stand by you.”

“God helping me, I will love you the same way Christ loves the church and gave himself for her. And we shall be together till death do us part.”

“Amen.” The Church Chorused.

It was her turn.
“I Dupe, take you Anthony to be my lawful wedded Husband. I bless God because I stood for what I believed and didn’t miss you. If I had tried to bend, I would have missed you: the amazing, precious gift God prepared for me. As the Church submit to Christ, i will submit to you. I am ready to be taught by the Holy Spirit to be your perfect helpmeet. You will be my Teacher, my Priest, my Prophet, my Lover, my Friend and my Gist-Partner.” Anthony smiled.

“God helping me, I will do you good and not evil all the days of our lives.”

“Amen.” Anthony alongside the Church Chorused.

“With God as our Master, you will find rest and comfort with me. I will give you peace of mind and not cause you pain. I will love you, and you alone until death do us part.”

“Amen.” Everyone Chorused.

As they held hands, and the Pastor presented them to the congregation as one, Dupe once again thanked God for the journey of steadfastness and uncompromising Christian life that birth the journey of Love and Marriage.


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