BECCA’S DILEMMA (A short Story)

Should she just ignore what God told her and accept the offer that would earn her about a 35% increase in her monthly income?

Rebecca twirled her pen in her right hand as varying thoughts brewed through her mind.

She had just returned from her unit’s head office, where the woman had just dropped a bombshell. She was going to be taking an early retirement and had told Becca that the company had given her a slot to provide the next candidate for that position.

“Becca, I know you can do this. You have learned a lot from me in the last three years. I knew this day would come, and I have been secretly training you for it. Think about it well and let me know what you think.” Mrs. Taiwo Adeoye’s words weaved their way back to the front of her thoughts.

“God, why are all these being dropped on me this morning?” She groaned.

For months, she had been praying for an increase in her income and financial miracles, especially with her wedding ceremony coming up in five months. She and her fiancé had been trusting God, and to her, this was just the miracle they needed. But God had told her something different that morning before leaving home.

As an undergraduate student, she had been passionate about helping young women who had been sexually abused get healing and even helped those who ended up being pregnant make the right decision on whether to keep their child or give it up for adoption.

She set up a foundation, and it had been operating online with people booking sessions for their loved ones.

For six years, she somehow managed to combine her career with what God gave her passion for. She had always wanted to have a physical location where people could come in for counselling sessions, but God had not given her the go-ahead. Only during her devotion that morning had he told her that it was time for the Shammah Ladies Foundation to move to that stage.

She had spent time jotting things down as the Lord painted them in her mind. She had decided she would always spend 8 to 4 in her office and then another three hours, including her weekends, at the physical location. She had been so excited that she had made some calls that morning and informed her fiance to pray along.

But now, an offer was here. An offer that could keep her engaged throughout the day. A very busy 6-day job that also entailed other side duties like checking and replying to some important mail that couldn’t be assigned to her subordinates, assigning duties to her workers and doing proper monitoring, attending conferences and impromptu meetings with the other unit heads, and all sorts of other things. There was no way she could combine the job with the next level of the ministry that she envisioned in the morning.

Becca sighed in frustration. “What do I do now?”

She beat her right index finger against her work table thoughtfully. “Two answers to two important prayer requests are staring at me right in the face, but I have to choose only one.”

“I and Bode have been praying for a promotion for months, and this is it, but how about the ministry?”

“God, why do I have to choose between both?” She muttered.

Her phone vibrated just then, cutting off her line of thought. It was a text from her boss.

“Miss Becca, I know what I discussed with you this morning was a bit too sudden, but I need you to get back to me on your decision before you clock out today. I’m actually surprised you are stalling in making a decision because I know you want this. Just let me know what you think.”

She dropped her phone quietly on the table and closed her eyes to let her mind have a conversation of its own.

“A golden opportunity to prove my worth.”

“I have been looking forward to changing and improving somethings in this organization, and I know my boss may not even try to push those ideas forward even if I share them.”

“This is the opportunity. Beyond that, my pay will increase. I really need a miracle for my wedding preparations and for us to settle down comfortably. Bode isn’t earning much.” She sighed. Should she tell her boss she was in?

“But how about the vision? What are the plans for the ministry? I have wanted to do this for a long time, but God said it wasn’t yet time. God says it’s time now and this?” She really needed to pray and think very well so she wouldn’t have regrets.

Her phone rang at that moment, and it was her mother.

“Hello, Idunnuoluwa.”

“Ekasan Mummy.”

“How are you doing today and how is work going?”

Becca smiled softly. “Thanks to God, it’s going well.”

“Good to know. How far along is your Foundation? Hope things are going well?”

She stopped for a while before answering. Why this question out of nowhere? “Yes Ma.”

“Glory be to God. Rebecca, I perceive God has great things in store for that foundation, which will begin to unfold very soon. Please don’t give up. Don’t even think about stopping it. Just keep following God’s instructions and directions. You will definitely testify.”

“Amen. Mum, this is just coming at the right time.”

“Well, thank God.”

“And Becca…”

“Yes Ma,”

“Please don’t even think about letting something else take advantage of this opportunity that God has given you.”

“Don’t let what God wants to do and achieve be delayed because of you.”

She didn’t say a word. Her mother continued, “It’s very important, please. I just felt I should tell you.”

She nodded and said, “Thank you very much, Mummy. I really appreciate it.”

“You are welcome, dear. Please i and your Dad will be expecting you this weekend. At least take advantage of us now before you get married.” Both of them laughed at the older woman’s words. “Bye, my daughter.”

“Greetings to Dad, Ma,”

“Alright. Take care.”

The call ended, and for a few seconds, Becca just stared at her phone. God had just used her mother to speak to her. If she really didn’t work on the physical location now, setting it up may not be so easy after her wedding. It would be better if she even got used to that routine now that she is single. Yes, that was it. God had plans for the ministry, and she must align with God’s timing and plan.

She stood up to talk to her boss when thoughts of financial restraints swarmed her mind again.

“God, this offer could be your answer to my long-term prayer requests. I could be throwing a once in a lifetime opportunity down the drain.” She spoke softly.

“This could be a distraction from what I really want you to do.” She heard.

She stopped. A distraction?

“Do not have an anxious or unsettled mind.” For my children, I can create out-of-protocol opportunities when I want to. It is what I want to do and my timing that matter. Not your calculations or logical reasoning.”

She felt her heart slowly condense and nodded in agreement. “The Foundation it is then.”

“Lord, we really need divine help as regards our wedding and its aftermath. Please come through for us.” Her eyes swarm with tears as she thinks about her wedding gown bills that she hasn’t balanced, the bill for the two-bedroom apartment they want to rent that has yet to be settled, plus a lot of other things that are also unresolved.

“Do your part and watch me do mine. You can never be stranded when you are walking with my time.” She heard him say.

“Thank you, Lord, because this union is already a success. Thank you, Lord, because you will sponsor my wedding ceremony and everything we will need as a new family.”

“Let me not be ashamed, Oh Lord. Glorify yourself.”

With renewed purpose and determination, Becca stood up and walked to her boss’s office.

As she stood before the woman whom she had always looked forward to being in her position, she chose her words carefully: “I am really grateful for this offer, Ma.” Mrs. Taiwo nodded without dabbing an eyelid.

“But Ma…” Becca continued, “I’m sorry I can’t take the offer, Ma.”

Mrs. Taiwo stared at her like she had grown horns. “You are pulling my legs, right?”

Becca shook her head in apology.

“Wow, I actually thought I was preparing my replacement with some of the duties I assigned to you.” She chuckled before stopping to study the lady in front of her. “Can I ask why?”

Becca nodded. “I don’t think God wants this for me now.”

The woman frowned: “Oh. But I thought with your wedding coming up and all, you would need more financial backing.”

“You are right, Ma. But let me just obey God for now.”

Mrs. Taiwo looked at her and smiled. “It’s alright.”

“Thank you very much, Ma, for considering me for this offer. I am really honoured.”

“Well, you are welcome.”

The moment Becca stepped out of her office, she felt Peace wrap her up. She had done what was right. She had just said yes to God’s instruction for the purpose of the kingdom and souls. God would take care of her. She would definitely not be stranded.

“Thank you, Heavenly Father.” She whispered softly before beginning the slow walk back to her office.


That night as Becca prepared to sleep, she got a text message from a distant Uncle to send her account details for an early wedding gift. She immediately replied him and soon received an alert of #250,000.

That was the first of many miraculous Financial Gifts she received for her wedding ceremony.


There have been people who left chasing career goals and opportunities because God gave them an assignment that would require their full and total concentration.

Some he permitted to still stay in their career, but with reminders never to forget his calling upon their life.

Others, he permitted to chase their career for a season, and at a certain time they just knew they needed to submit totally to the ministry God has placed in their hands.

All in all, know and follow God’s timing and plan for your life.

Live in total surrender to his calling, and be reassured that if you obey him without holding back, he will never leave you stranded.

Don’t run away from God’s call. Stay in your place of assignment and fulfil your calling.



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