MY FIANCE IS HOLY ( episode 1).

The bed gave a loud thud as I laid on it. My younger brother had just informed me that he would not be allowed to write his final exams if his tuition fee was not settled by the next morning.

“The exam is starting tomorrow morning. The fee is Thirty thousand naira but Mama sent only ten thousand to me saying market has not been doing well.” Her brother had said to her.
Things had not been easy since Daddy died. I and Mummy involved in selling of clothing materials; but who buys cloth when he hasn’t even gotten what to feed on. Market had been poor.
I sighed as I turned on the mattress. Maybe if Daddy were still alive, the situation would have been better.
“I have to do all I can to get the remaining twenty thousand naira before tomorrow morning.” I thought when my phone rang.
It was my fiancé of three weeks. I sat up and cleared my throat before picking the call.
“Hello, Sister Bolu.” He called excitedly immediately I picked up.
“Good Afternoon Bro Sam.” I replied gently.
“Oh God is Faithful. You remember I raised a prayer request while we were praying somedays ago, as regards the money I was expecting from someone. Can you believe he has sent the two hundred thousand naira? I am so happy right now.” He continued excitedly.
“Oh! Glory be to God.” I replied happily for his sake.
“Sis Bolu, are you alright ?” he asked as I breathed a sigh of relief thankfully that he could detect I was not okay or I wouldn’t have liked it.
“Not really.” I replied as I explained the situation to him.
“ Oh!! It is well. God will provide.” he simply said.
“Seriously?” I replied nearly shouting into the phone. I had thought he would help me with some amount at least he just got another extra money.
“ What were you expecting ? Oh!! Were you expecting me to send you the money ? You know its not right. What do you want people to say? You know we are to avoid giving each other gifts. We agreed to no gifts remember? ”
“Yes but…”
” I hate Compromise! ” he said bluntly.
“Oh really. You said gifts.. OK!! How about you send the money to him directly. If that will make you feel better.” I replied sharply.
“But I know him through you. I can’t do it, am sorry. We have to be careful of the devices of the enemy.”
“Ha! You know what . We’ll meet at the Prayer meeting in the evening. I have to go in search of the money.”
“Okay. Call me when you get it.” he replied as I gaped in surprise.
“ Bye.” I said as I ended the call.
“I can’t believe this…” I shouted as I fell on the bed in defeat.

How will Sis Bolu get the money?

Watch out for the next episode..

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