I was alone in my room.

I sat on my bed; my manual and class note opened in front of me. A literature book and my jotters were also in place.

Mosquitoes buzzed round the room.

The room would have been so dark were it not for the dim light provided by the lamp that was on my bed.

For days, my building had been in total blackout. The fact that other buildings had light been supplied to them almost every day, made the hostel’s situation so glaring.

Its darkness made it stood out.

I gazed at the lamp in frustration. I couldn’t keep it on for another 20 minutes as it was already so low.

I looked at my phone and was reminded of the fact that its battery was also low. I had a lot to do but nearly all was impossible with the situation at hand.

The darkness was becoming thicker as I tried to adjust my eyes.

I wished I could just leap out of my dark room and be gone to where there was light; it was however late to do that.

“Darkness is frustrating!” I finally let out with everything in me.

Almost immediately after those words escaped my mouth, I thought about what I had just said.

“Is Darkness really frustrating?”

“Do people in Spiritual darkness actually find it frustrating?” I wondered.

Just like there was light everywhere but the building I was living in was clad in darkness; there are some people who are in the dark world of sin and are not identified with the Light (Christ). But unfortunately, they are comfortable with their situation.

Some lie to get off the hook because of something they have done wrong but they find themselves in a much messier situation.

He wants to feel high and on top of the world so he takes drugs, smokes weed, drinks alcohol but since he just isn’t satisfied he delves deeper.

She has pile of bills to settle but the only solution that comes to her mind is giving her body in return for money.

His parents are separated so when he asks for cash, he is being directed back and forth and it’s just so frustrating to him that the next thing that he thinks of is to jilt people.

They all seek solutions but they move from Frying Pan to Fire?

I wonder, “Don’t they find it frustrating?”

Don’t they see some people in the light around them; people whose lives are shining brightly because they reflect Jesus.

Can’t they step out of the darkness, seek guidance from the people in the Light so they can live a better life and be a better person?

When are you going to realize that darkness is not where you should be?

Come out of darkness and into the light.

Accept Jesus.

Let him shine through you that you will also shine brightly in this present world.

I have realized the world of sin is not convenient for the people in it but my dear, the darkness of hell is so much worse. Its better imagined than experienced. You don’t want to be there.

Run for your soul now before it becomes too late.

Jesus has paid up everything for you to be in the light so accept THE LIGHT that you will also shine as a Light.

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