March 26, 2023

FAMILIAR ENEMY (EPISODE 19) Written by Glorie Adepoju

“They took me to a stinky house, I was afraid. Aunty Ekiki told me that Jesus is my superhero, and He is with me everywhere, and I know that Jesus loves me so I can tell Him anything. I was afraid and crying, I prayed to Jesus to save me, and I did not want to die. I heard them saying that they would shoot me. They untied me and removed the cloth from my eyes, I saw gun in their hands. The man pointed the gun at me, and he shot, poah!”

My heart beat heavily even after knowing this was a narration.

“The bad man beside him screamed in pain, blood was all over the man. I did not understand, the man shot at me, but the bullet hit the second man. The second man died. The man became very angry and shot again. The bullet hit him on the forehead. He dropped in front of me and died. Jesus saved me! He made the bullet hit them. Jesus is a real superhero!” Mayowa said emphasizing each word with a loud clap of excitement. It felt so unbelievable, but I knew it happened.

“So, what happened next?” Uncle Ade asked

“I prayed to Jesus again to get me out of that stinky and scary place, the dead men were scaring me. Jesus spoke to me!!” He said again with more excitement.

“Jesus said, Mayowa go the roadside, you will see a man, he will take you home.” gesturing with his hands dramatically.

“How did you know it was Jesus?” Oge asked Mayowa, anyone could hear the awe in her voice.

“Jesus usually speaks to me, I know His voice, and, I heard Him clearly, only Him was there with me in that stinky place.” He said so simply

“Go on son, what happened next?” Uncle Ade urged him

“I found my way to the roadside, and immediately I got there, a taxi stopped. He asked for my name. I told him my name is Mayowa. He said his name is Mr. Emmanuel, and he has come to take me home. I was so happy because I know Jesus would not lie to me! Mr. Emmanuel took me to a hotel, gave me plenty food. He changed my clothes, and then I slept well, but I wanted to go home. Mr Emmanuel said he would take me home at the right time. We remained in the hotel for some days. Finally, he said it was time, Mr. Emmanuel was driving and driving. We stopped at some places. Then we got to our street.”

“So, you were able to describe our house to Mr. Emmanuel, you are so brilliant.”

“I did not tell Mr. Emmanuel where our house is. Jesus said Mr. Emmanuel would take me to my house, that means that Mr. Emmanuel knows my house, or Jesus showed him. Jesus is a superhero remember?”

I stared in astonishment at the level of his faith in Jesus.

“Where did Mr. Emmanuel drop you?”

“Right in front of the gate, I wanted him to show him to you and everyone, but he was gone. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.”

“He drove away?” Uncle Ade asked, just as puzzled as I was.

“No, I just turned around and he was gone, him and the car.”

Uncle Ade and I exchanged glances, shocked.

“Jesus is my superhero, He saved me from those evil guys. I am going to tell everybody about Jesus.”

Mayowa suddenly turned to face his dad.

“Daddy, you need to have Jesus in your life, so He can be your superhero too.” Mayowa said emphatically

“You are right son, Eki told me about Jesus, and His power. I am glad, because I accepted Him into my life some days ago.” Uncle Ade said with such conviction as if he had been born again for years instead of days.

“Really? Yes! Jesus is your superhero too!” Mayowa said with enthusiasm.

Songs of gratitude were flowing out my heart, this miracle was beyond my own imagination, joy filled my heart.

“Did Mummy accept Jesus too?” Mayowa asked.

“Not yet” Uncle Ade said softly.

“I have to tell her about Jesus” Mayowa said hopping down from his dad’s laps swiftly.

“Where is she?” He asked.

Uncle Ade tried to keep his smile in place, so Mayowa wouldn’t suspect a thing.

“You see, Mummy is quite sick. She’s at the hospital for now.”
Mayowa was quiet for a while, I silently prayed that He wouldn’t demand to see her.

“Jesus my superhero can do anything, I’ll tell Him about Mummy. He would make her well, so that I’ll tell her about Jesus.” Mayowa said confidently.

I sighed, Mayowa was busy planning to pray for his mother’s recovery, if only he knew she was receiving God’s judgement for trying to touch His anointed.

It was so disheartening that Aunty BB could be so cruel to a child who loved her. Truly Aunty BB never made Mayowa a priority, she visited his school only once since he enrolled. She would always blame it on her busy schedule, but even her husband who was extremely busy, tried his possible best to be there for their son. It disgusted me that she treated Mayowa as nothing more than a ticket to her wealth, yet never in my wildest imagination, had I thought her capable of plotting to kill Mayowa.

While we grieved over Mayowa’s supposed death, God knew the one behind it all. He exposed her at the perfect time. Goose bumps rose on my skin, fresh fear of God enveloped me. Once again, my heart filled with songs of worship, I couldn’t wait to be alone to express my heartfelt gratitude, and awe of His greatness. God is indeed merciful. I tried not to worry about the time Mayowa would be old be enough to handle the truth surrounding his birth, and the fact that his supposed mother was the master mind behind the plot of his death.

The words she spoke as she confessed that night, still replays in my head. All the while, we all shared the roof with the same enemy we were fighting against. She was not only greedy, heartless, and evil, she was also a Master planner, nothing could give her away, except God fished her out Himself, and He did.


Job 12:22
“He reveals mysteries from the darkness. And brings the deep darkness into light”

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