June 8, 2023

Have you been called to work for God in any way or Level?

Please know this.

Minister’s of God are not boasters.

They do not proudly vaunt themselves, like those who oppose them.

They act in their office with much modesty, concern, and care.

They behave with great humility among the people; not as one grown vain with the honour and authority conferred on him, but as one concerned to approve himself faithful, and fearful of himself, lest he should mismanage in his trust.

Observe, None know the fear and trembling of faithful ministers, who are zealous over souls with a godly jealousy; and a deep sense of their own weakness is the occasion of the fear and trembling Paul mentioned in I Corinthians 2:3.

They know how insufficient they are, and are therefore fearful for themselves.

Though Paul managed with this modesty and concern, yet he spoke with authority: In the demonstration of the Spirit and of power.

He preached the truths of Christ in their native dress, with plainness of speech.

He laid down the doctrine as the Spirit delivered it; and left the Spirit, by his external operation in signs and miracles, and his internal influences on the hearts of men, to demonstrate the truth of it, and procure its reception.

(Bible Commentary Paraphrased.)

Always accept that you can’t on your own pass a certain message and that it is not just your eloquence that will touch souls or save lives. Something greater has to back up your words: The Power of God.

Give the message God sent you to give and leave him to complete the work upon the lives of men. Let him demonstrate the truth of the Word to the people. The heart of men is in the hand of God.

Don’t cajole someone to give his or her life to Christ with arguments or your eloquency. Beyond the Sweet words, let the power of God be in Operation.

A Man’s Conversion that is based on your words alone will not stand the test of Time.

Let the Salvation Experience of that man be based on Divine Operation so that God alone will be Glorified.

Do you feel you have shortcomings perhaps because of your educational background but you know God has called you? Forget about your inadequacy and yield yourself to God.

He will use his strength to complement your weakness. Surrender your all and you will fly on the wings of his Divine Knowledge and Wisdom in Jesus name.

Finally, let your message be Christ alone.

In whatever sense you are operating, let your message be Christ.

In Whatever ministry you have been called into, let the theme of your message be Christ.

You are a Marrige Counsellor, let it come back to Christ and his redemptive work.

You are a Teen Coach and Counsellor, let those counselling session refer people back to Christ.

You are a story teller or Writer, please let it still end on Christ.

Christ, Christ and Christ alone should be the theme of our messages.

I pray that the work of God will prosper in your hand and God alone will be Glorified in your life and Ministry in Jesus name.

Good morning Beloved and have a wonderful day ahead.


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