March 2, 2024

“Angel, please just take your sword, and poke it through the veil so I can see it for a second.” Someone said to the Angels on occasion and sometimes they have done that.

It was past 7pm when my boss dropped me off at the main road. I sighed as I looked around. It was a total blackout in the area. I trekked alongside some other people who were still outside until I got to a junction and I realized I was now on my own.
I peered into the darkness with fear.. I had hoped some houses would have generators on but oh I was wrong..
I stopped!!!
I couldn’t take a bike at that point. It made no sense. I was just about 5 minutes from home and it was even impossible to get a bike at that point and time. I considered calling home too..
I was still thinking of what to do when I saw a tall, dark and huge man walking into the street I was staring into. He had no flashlight with him but thankfully the moon supplied light. He walked on boldly.
So many things probably crossed my mind but at that point a consciousness of God and his Angels watching over me came to my mind and I trudged quickly after the man without much thought.
I could have feared he doing me harm because we were walking alone but for some reasons I was calm.
With my flashlight on to “support” the moonlight and music playing on my phone, we walked on. Before getting to our house from the junction I met him are about 5 bends/corners. As we pulled into the third bend and I realized the man and I were still walking together; alone, I began to wonder where he might be going because at that point I should have known him in our area. Never have I met him before…
It began to bother me but I walked slowly behind him until we reached the second to the last bend and suddenly I thought “What if he is an Angel?” His stature and comportment made me wonder further.
That thought got me relaxed and excited and I continued stealing glances at him thoughtfully. As we walked down the last bend leading directly to our house, I saw our house was with light obviously the generator was on.
“I’m home.” I thought happily as I quickly overtook him and moved towards the gate.
Mystery Man somehow hastened up at this point and walked down the street in front of our house. I peered after him but he soon was lost in the darkness.
I thanked God for bringing me back home safely but for some reason I couldn’t shake off the feeling that mystery man could have been an Angel.
He wasn’t there while we were trekking before. I didn’t see him at the junction. He just came out of nowhere. And he followed me all the way home…
Up till this moment, i have never met him again.. I know probably all the people on our street even if we don’t talk but I don’t know any house mystery man could dwell in.
Daddy attends our Area meeting but never as an Attendee’s built-up fit into mystery man’s feature.
It’s been more than a year now with that incident forgotten; but recently a flashback occurred.
I have been reading about Angels and Supernatural Manifestations for some weeks now and some Testimonies challenged me and a desire began to grow up in me… As I marvelled and wondered; that day came to my mind like a sharp flashback; Playing through my mind as it happened that day. And somewhere deep within I felt like that man was an Angel.
Even days after that I have been reminded of that day as I wonder “Did I actually meet an Angel and I didn’t know?” If I had knowledge about some things I know now, “maybe” I could have asked him point blank who he was and some other things.
Seeing an Angel or not is not really the issue but what it feels like to know there are some set of personalities God has given an Assignment to keep you safe…
That thought was what kept me calm till I got home. Even though I saw that Man, I imagined other men there with swords walking home with me.
I imagined God keeping his eyes on me till I got home.
His angels are always around us even when we don’t see them. Sometimes we still like to see them though. It is an encouragement to see God’s angels. It’s a real blessing and uplifting experience.
Someone once explained how he let the angels know sometimes (more than sometimes) that he want to see them or some evidence of them and sometimes they will respond. He said he wonders sometimes what they think about those types of requests. Do they laugh and shake their heads or do they understand our need to feel connected to the things of Heaven? He recalled a night he woke up and right next to the bed he saw a sword hilt and part of the blade. He wondered if it’s the same angel that he’s always asking to poke his sword through the veil for him. Maybe he just beat him to the punch!

Be sensitive to the fact that the angels are around you. Not just with your sight but with your other senses as well.
How many times have you been praying and felt a cool breeze on your face? See? That’s the angel refreshing you as you pray.
He has given his Angels charge over us us… therefore you need not fear…

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